Consultant 1-3

Enroll 150 PSV 200 PSV 300 PSV
Acitve =
150 PSV
500 DV 900 DV 1500 DV
1 Active Leg 2 Active legs

When you join our company, you start as a Consultant (C0).
If you want to be a Consultant 1, you must have 150 PSV and 500 DV. We will explain what these requirements are below.

So, what is PSV?

PSV stands for Personal Sales Volume. Your PSV is the total sales volume from your personal orders and your customer’s purchases.

For Qualification purposes only, we only count up to 150 from your personal orders.


In this example, You can see how you get only 150 PSV from your purchase, even though you had 200. But you get full volume from retail sales. There is no need to buy all the product yourself, you can get all the required PSV from your retail sales!

What is DV?

DV stands for Downline Volume. Your DV is the total sales volume from your personal orders and your downline legs.


In this example, You have 3 people on your Level 1, which means you personally sponsored 3 different people. Starting from Downline A, you have a leg that consists of A and D. That is one of the leg.

Starting from Downline B, you have a leg that consists of B, E, F and G. As you can see, a leg starts from a level 1 downline and includes everyone under that level 1.

There is a rule for calculating the Downline Volume - no more than half of DV requirement for the rank can't come from a single leg or you. We call this Maximum Volume Rule (MVR).

In this example, Leg B has 150 + 100 + 100 + 200 = 550. Let's say You are trying to become a Consultant 2 (C2) this month.

The table at the top says you need at least 900 DV. Since Consultant 2 DV requirement is 900, all you can count for DV from this leg is 450. This is for qualification purpose only, you are still getting all the commission you earned.

What is an Active Leg?

An active leg is a leg that has at least one active consultant (150 PSV).

As long as the leg has one or more active consultant, whether the person is on top or bottom, the leg is considered as active.

Even if you have more than one active consultant in a leg, that still counts as one active leg.

Therefore to be a Consultant 3, you will need to have two separate legs that have at least one active consultant.